Parent Organization: Center for Inclusion and Campus Involvement

Fox Funds is a Student Government committee consisting of senators and student leaders who meet on a weekly basis to hear proposals from registered student organizations seeking funding support for campus-wide events and initiatives.

Mission: The Fox Funds Committee serves to allocate funding to student run organizations. All funding requests by organizations meeting the requirements of eligibility will be considered with the upmost objectivity, incorporating inclusiveness of and betterment for the student body in the decision making process.  

About us:  Fox Funds is made up of 9 students experienced in student organizations and planning. Fox Funds is chaired by the SGA Finance Chair. The students make all of the decisions, aided by the help of two advisors. Only the students have the power to initiative a vote, with the chairperson breaking a tie. All committee members were interviewed for the position and represent a variety of student organizations.

Fox Funds is advised by the Assistant Director for Student Orgs and Media, as well as the Graduate Assistant for Student Orgs. They serve to guide the committee to make decisions that are fair and equitable to all organizations and abide by the spirit and rules of Rollins College. They are nonvoting and are primarily interested in the wellbeing of campus and the successful execution of campus and organization events.


• Only registered student organizations are eligible for funding.

• Before requesting funding, please look at all sources of funding available to you and make sure that Fox Funds is the most appropriate. 

• Fox Funds will only fund events that are open to the entire campus. We cannot provide assistance for an event that will only benefit the organization directly. A closed program is one that is not open to the student community at large, but only to members or invitees of the organization. If an event is held off-campus the organization must provide some form of open transportation to the event in order for the event to be considered an open.

•If you are requesting more than $200, you must present your request for funding to the committee in person.

•Requests are discussed in order they are received. Your organization must submit requests  two weeks before the date of event to be considered for funding at our next meeting. To be considered for reimbursement, your organization must present your proposal and receipt no later than 2 weeks after the event. Requests are discussed on a weekly basis. During the 2011-2012 academic year, requests are discussed by the committee on Thursday afternoons.

• If you are a student organization or group that receives your own budget line of funding from Rollins, you will not be eligible for the $200 in operational funds allocated for all registered student organizations. 

Approved funding requests must include advertising or other promotional materials with the phrase, "Presented by Fox Funds" on it. Organization that fail to comply will only be eligible to receive a maximum of 80% of all future requests.

• If  If you want to plan an event that would be open to all of campus but you are not a registered student organization then please contact getinvolved@rollins.edu.

Appeals Process: If any organization is unsatisfied or wishes to challenge a decision made by the committee, it is entitled to a process of appeals. The organization should first notify the Chair of Fox Funds that it wishes to appeal the committee's decision. The chair will then send the appeal request to the appeals committee, which consists of the director of OSIL, the Fox Funds Chair, and a neutral third party. The appeals committee will make the final decision regarding the organization's original request.